Taxi app war breaks out in New York City

It’s not a game but commercial rivalry

Given how litigious US citizens are, GoMo News was surprised to receive a communication from Gett claiming categorically that it had just be the victim of a cyber attack from arch rival, Uber. The company claims that after the attack its drivers received a SMS message from Uber urging them to leave Gett and join Uber. So that’s both SMS and apps being deployed in a business spat. Which has got to be some kind of a first, GoMo News firmly believes.

It seems that both NYC taxi companies have Android and iOS (Apple) apps.

So getting a cab is going to be more difficult for BlackBerry and Nokia Lumia owning New Yorkers, then.

Significantly, Gett US CEO, Jing Herman commented, “We quickly blocked the attack and the Gett system was not compromised.”

“Gett is determined to become the go-to app for New Yorkers and we’re focused on winning one user at a time,” he added.

We’re not quite sure whether around 200 fake ride requests sent from an app constitutes a ‘denial-of-service’ attack as claimed, though.

Anyway, the company is obviously viewing the incident as proof that its app is gaining traction amongst NYCers.

Gett launched its black car [as opposed to yellow] app back in NYC in August 2013 building on global brand – GetTaxi.

The company already has a presence in New York, London, Moscow, St. Petersburg and all across Israel.

Herman continued, “We’ve made a beautifully simple app that has already transformed the consumer experience in the UK, Israel and Russia, and we’re very excited to now offer our innovative app in New York.”

Gett claims to have the only car app that provides a full business solution, serving over 1,500 corporate clients and many of Fortune 500 companies.

Uber is definitely the larger company, though,  given that it has operations in 26 countries which includes Asian cities such as New Delhi.

We couldn’t find any telephone numbers on the Uber web site so we’ve been forced to email the company for its comment.

rather suspects that only Greenwich Villagers will get the reference to Taxi Zum Klo, though.

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2 Responses to Taxi app war breaks out in New York City

  1. Rahoo says:

    Nice to see dirty tricks between one week corporate to another big one’s.This is good opportunity for taxi drivers. At least,the so called independent taxi driver in Los Angeles will be free from greedy Taxi-cab company’s. It’s a treat for those selfish taxi company’s not for taxi drivers. Thanks God. Taxi drivers will have a plenty of choice to work with different big competitors. No more $775.00/week lease for that salvage taxi. I’m glad to see those greedy Los Angeles taxi company’s falling. No more dirty franchise!! No more the so called independent taxi driver that is the taxi company’s dirty tricks.

  2. admin says:

    If you want to publicise your cloud based services take an ad. Rather than disguising your comments as some kind of industry observation.

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