Techwave points out Android version of Vox VoIP app

Rating: Promo codes for GoMobile readers, too

Obviously some of our stories become completely out of date and ‘Nokia gets mobile VoIP calls from VoX Communication‘ is a classic example. When Cian O’Sullivan wrote it two year ago the service only worked with the Nokia N900 since it was a Maemo app. But things have moved on rapidly and the Vox app now works on Android – dramatically enhancing the potential userbase. Hence, GoMobile News has been contacted by Techwave Marketing pointing out this major change. You can download the Vox app from Google Play here.Now Techwave Marketing is obviously keen to get people to sign up to Vox via its dealership so it has provided a couple of promo codes which can be utilised by GoMobile News readers

The first Promo code is TWFREE60 (which offers free 60 Minutes to 60 countries).

Or alternatively you can use the promo code: TW1MONTH (where the first month is free with plans to: USA, UK, India, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

The Vox app also has calling plans for calls to a reasonable number of major countries.

For the UK, for example, prices start at $6.95 per month for 100 minutes rising to $29.95 per month for 500 minutes.

We tried out the free 60 minutes service by simply keying in the promo code after downloading the app.

The good news is that to create a free account you simply need an email address. No credit card details, etc.

To make a call (and we made one within the UK) you simply need to use the international dialling code. The app even integrates with your existing Android addressbook.

the only snag is that with the incoming call, people see an international number and fear they are being dialled by a rogue call centre in India, for example.

GoMobile News will continue to use Skype, however, because that service’s instant messaging facility is unbeatable.

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  2. Techwave says:

    VoX Mobile VoIP adds PayPal Mobile Wallet to Android App

    get the Vox app from Google Play

    Use our promo code: TWPAYGO

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