Telefónica’s pan-European deal for connected cars with Telsa

Apparently it’s all to do with the power of the M2M World Alliance

jasper's CRO cindy patterson says

It’s nice to see some-one still using the good old terminology M2M (machine-to-machine communications) when discussing the ‘connected car’ rather than the woolly ‘Internet of Things [IoT]. Well, Spain’s Telefónica has announced an agreement with Tesla (which claims to be the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer) to provide M2M connectivity for its Tesla Model S in Europe. Telefonica is able to supply the service through its M2M World Alliance partners across Europe. The list include Telefonica’s O2 network in the UK; in Spain through Movistar, and on KPN in the Netherlands. Significantly the M2M services are described as being”powered by Jasper.”

Aside from the usual in-car infotainment telematics including:      navigation; online music; and internet browsing, we note it also includes  remote vehicle diagnostics.

These diagnostics will relay information about the car’s safety, security and performance to the driver and Tesla service in real time.

Telefónica says its ability  to work together with KPN locally in the Netherlands and Belgium will help to improve the customer experience by maintaining a smaller pool of suppliers with a common M2M service.

“As we accelerate our transformation into a digital telco we see lots of opportunities to empower consumers,” Jose Luis Gamo, CEO with Telefonica Multinational Solutions, observed.

He added, “Connected cars that provide drivers with more information and a better and safer driving experience is a perfect example of this.”

The number of vehicles with built-in connectivity will increase from 10 per cent of the overall market today to 90 per cent by 2020, according to the Telefonica Connected Car Industry 2013 report here.

Meanwhile, Jasper tells GoMo that this is the first named customer on the M2M World Alliance which runs on the Jasper platform.

Jasper describes its “IoT tech” as the Connected Car Cloud,which also powers connected vehicles for ten other OEMs worldwide besides Telsa.

Jasper’s Alliance Manager is  solution that enables mobile operators to work  which its Jasper Global SIM gives enterprises consistent, seamless connectivity globally.

Read the full Telefónica Press release here.

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