Texting isn’t dead thanks to 2-way SMS

How can it be when Infobip processes 1.5 billion+ SMS per month?

more than obtaining a mobile number to receive SMS - kutic

Given the hype that surrounds OTT services such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and Line, regular mobile industry members could be forgiven for thinking that SMS (texting) is dead or dying.  That’s very obviously not the case when just one SMS specialist, Infobip can be claiming to processes over 1.5 billion SMS messages per month. How can that be? Well, Infobip claims to have access to one of the largest two-way SMS coverage sets in the world – as supported by a single technical provider.

What exactly is two-way SMS?

Two-way SMS messaging enables online businesses, service providers, application developers, and marketing agencies to take advantage of instant, time-sensitive mobile consumer interaction.

Infobip says that two-way SMS can help businesses create a dialogue with customers; drive sales and even manage something as straightforward as appointment booking.

GoMo News wishes somebody would point this out to its local medical general practice!

Anyway,  Silvio Kutic, Infobip’s CEO, argues that, “The value and potential for two-way SMS has been demonstrated by the wide range of businesses now implementing it.”

Kutic continues, “Our two-way SMS service has already been used for global reservations systems, CRM and customer service platforms and extended two-factor authentication.”

He added, “Delivering a two-way SMS service is about much more than obtaining a mobile number to receive SMS.”

“Infobip also delivers technical expertise and consultancy, providing 24/7 technical support.”

So, thanks to two-way SMS businesses have improved reach and the level of customer interaction.”

Just try achieving the same universal coverage for this sort of service using WhatsApp.

Those with Nokia N73s would be left out in the cold, for starters.

Read the full Press release here.

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