TGI Friday’s launches location-based mobile advertising campaign

Global restaurant chain TGI Friday’s is today announcing the launch of a location-based mobile advertising campaign in the UK. Partnering with mobile agency 4th Screen Advertising and location-based advertiser Rippll, they will be targeting users who are browsing the mobile web while near a TGI Friday’s restaurant or a cinema.

What’s the story?

This is the first location-based mobile campaign that TGI Friday’s has ever run. There are four companies involved here:

TGI Friday’s is the company being advertised. There are over 1,000 TGI Friday’s around the world – with 46 of them in the UK.

Initiative is the marketing company that is booking the campaign. It is the biggest media agency involved in this particular campaign, and it is responsible for the overall message being delivered about TGI Friday’s.

4th Screen Advertising is the mobile advertising network that will be running the campaign – providing the ad space on mobile web sites, and actually publishing the creatives through it’s Mpression network.

Rippll creates location technology for mobile advertisers and publishers. It signed a deal with 4th Screen back in June – evidently it went well, because Rippll will be powering the location aspects of the TGI Friday’s campaign.

How will the campaign work?

The aim of this campaign is to lure people who are looking for a nice night out into a TGI Friday’s. So first of all it will be targeting ads for the restaurant at anyone browsing the mobile within a certain distance of a TGI Friday’s. But it’s also part of the “Make it a premiere night out” direction that Initiative is aiming for overall – so they’ve also decided to serve those ads to people who are near a cinema, or are looking at the entertainment or “what to do tonight” sites on the Mpression network. The aim is to get people to make a visit to the restaurant as part of a big night out.

The campaign will be running for two months, starting tomorrow 28th September and finishing at the end of November. Along with location-based targeting it will also be using time of day – the ads will only run during lunch time, and in the evening; the times at which people are most likely to be planning what they’ll do with their night.

The ads themselves will be a mixture of regular display advertising and special offers – promoting deals for drinks, lunch and dinner.

What we think?

This strikes me as a good campaign, for two reasons.

First, it’s not specific to smartphones. Since it’s a mobile web campaign, it can be seen by anyone with a mobile browser – which the vast majority of feature phones have. Furthermore, Mpression delivers ads for a lot of service providers and operators in the UK. Which means that anyone accessing their operator portal in order to check what’s going on in their area tonight has a good chance of seeing the TGI Friday’s ad.

Second, it’s well targeted. Speaking from personal experience, if I’m checking out cinema schedules or local restaurants on my mobile, I’ll be doing it on the mobile web – not on an app. So I’ve just come out of the cinema and I’m looking for someplace to eat. My phone shows me an ad for a special offer at a nearby TGI Friday’s? I’ll seriously consider that.

While they do seem have to done everything right for this campaign, that’s still no guarantee of success. I can see it being a hit depending on what region of the UK it’s in – in London city, use of smartphones for mobile browsing is significantly higher than in other places around the country. It could be that this campaign needs to be targeted by region as well as by location!

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