The best iPhone 4 news: hot stories for Monday morning

apple-tablet-flurry-ipadAfter the first full weekend of sales for the latest iPhone, what’s the outlook like? We’ve gathered the hottest stories that happened over the weekend and this morning.

Antenna reception issue doesn’t exist, says Jobs

This is probably the hottest topic surrounding the iPhone 4 at the moment – that if you hold your iPhone in your left hand, it blocks the antenna and drastically reduces your coverage. On MacRumours, it’s reported that Steve Jobs has claimed that there IS no reception issue, and that users should “stay tuned”. This could easily refer to claims from Apple Insider that the problem will be fixed by a software update this week.

iPhone features already on Android

A survey has revealed that the four most common “wish list” requests from iPhone owners are for functions that already exist on Android. According to ZDNet, iPhone owners want to choose their own network, get FM radio, be on a 4G network, and have an 8MP camera. All of which you can do with Android devices.

Fake Steve Jobs pulls a fast one

The Daily Mail has attracted the wrong kind of attention by reporting on a tweet from Fake Steve Jobs as if it were the real news. According to a screen shot taken by TheNextWeb before the article was taken down, the Daily Mail reported on the tweet from the satirical Twitter account that claimed “we may have to recall the new iPHone. This, I did not expect.”

iPhone 4 already jailbroken

For those who wish they could choose their own network on the iPhone 4, there’s good news.  Redmond Pie reports that a jailbreaker that worked for iPhone 3.0 wasn’t fixed in the new release, so you can still use it to jailbreak your iPhone 4.0

White iPhones coming to UK?

There was a lot of grumbling after it was revealed that white iPhones are going to be delayed until the middle of next month – apparently due to “complications” in the production process. So many commenters are asking why shoppers appear to have bought white models in a video from Sky News

42 iOS 4 Apps? How about 35?

The iTunes Store already has an area dedicated only to “awesome” apps that take advantage of the hardware and software updates for iPhone 4. But while US sources are reporting 42 apps available, over in Ireland we’re only seeing 35.


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  2. Hans-Petter says:

    Norway onlys has 26 iOS4 apps :)

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