The Motorola Defy is very definitely next on our wish list

Rating: Android handset previewed on the dance floor

This GoMo News hack had the fortune to show up at Motorola Xmas thrash in the highly fashionable Red Room in London’s West One. In keeping with the party Person’s image for its latest Android handset, the Defy, the party was complete with a fully-fledged motorola_defy.jpgdance floor but we didn’t see anyone boogying. Instead, GoMo News took the opportunity to get a run down of all the features the Defy can offer from one of Motorola’s trainers who normally helps out resellers staff. As a result there’s a whole bunch of apps we’re planning to try out.The Defy is, of course, an Éclair/2.1 handset but there are plenty of rumours that it will be upgradable to Froyo 2.2 by Q1-Q2 next year [2011].*

We’re not saying much on the subject of Android upgrades given the email flames and venom aimed towards any support person who mentions it on an operator’s technical forums. We feel particularly sorry for Barry from T-Mobile.

Anyway, there was quite some synergy between attending the Motorola event and the launch of Orange’s Partner Connect programme earlier on in the day.

(Incidentally, we forgot to mention yesterday that you can sign up to the Connect program for a token payment of €10 which is intended merely to discourage time-wasters).

Orange want to encourage Android developers to promote their wares on its Orange App Shop and Motorola is, of course, a major supplier of Android handsets.

We asked Motorola’s Gemma Priscott whether the current consumer advertising campaign had impacted its push towards the operators.

She assured us that Motorola is always in constant dialogue with its operator customers.

Curiously, GoMo News was pretty impressed with the other handset featured at last night’s event – the Motorola Flipout. Another Android 2.1 handset, of course.

This model features a keypad which rotates out – so you’re not totally at the mercy of the touchscreen. The keys looked a bit too small for this hack’s fingers, sadly.

Anyway, if we do manage to get our hands on the Defy (fingers crossed) we’ll let you know what we think.

*UPDATE: Gemma Priscott has confirmed that the DEFY will be upgraded to 2.2 in Q2 2011

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