The QR code meets art with Pedro Morales exhibition

Rating: Artworks which a cameraphone can still read

You’ve probably never heard of him but Venezuelan artist, Pedro Morales, has dismembered 2D/QR barcodes and then reset them into paper flowers, feathers, leather, and pieces of plastic since 2007. On top of this, he’s even challenged their normal small size by blowing them up to different proportions which a cameraphone can still read. GoMo News just received a message from him announcing that his work is currently on display at the Galería D’Museo in Caracas, Venezuela. His latest exhibition is known as DE REDES y CADENAS and is dedicated to the poems of Rafael Cadenas – a master of brief poetry, as a tribute to his genius. The exhibition is continuing until the end of this month [November 2011].Morales has coined the term Mobile Tagging Art to define the kind of artistic expression that uses processes of scanning, decoding, and reading to reveal content – without sacrificing an aesthetic commitment to the work of art.

As Morales says, Mobile Tagging Art gives artistic gives new meaning to a technology normally focused on mobile connectivity.

In this way, technology acquires beauty in Morales’ art via paintings, digital embroideries, totems, mobiles, and columns.

Norales claims that Mobile Tagging Art deploys artistic expressions based on interactive codes and the development of items printed in 3-D. All this by using regular QR?Microsoft Tag code technology.

“Today, when no-one imagines life without a cell phone, I can present in this show what I have found after years of work, ” Morales explains.

“Perhaps I humanise the portable phone that, for better or worse, complements us, bringing it into its proper space in art, which is to say in poetry, in the spirit?”

Morales’ art has got to be seen to be believed. Try visiting this site.

There’s also information about DE REDES y CADENAS (which we think means ‘About the chain network’) here.

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