Three inTouch beta gets 3UK users out of a black hole

Could some-one kindly share the URL with us?

kings arm lockerley

Here at GoMo Towers we have been contacted by existing 3UK prepaid users who claim to be already running the Brit MNO’s [Mobile Network operators] voice over Wi-fi app – Three in Touch. See our original story here. The whole objective for this app is to provide 3UK users with a regular connexion in cellular not-spots (with no radion coverage). So its seems that the MNO’s support centre has decided to give out the URL (link) to the beta version of this particular app. And the app very obviously works although it doesn’t  go officially live until the 27th July [2014]. Better still with the beta vesion calls made with Three in Touch are free!

How do you get your hands on the beta version of this 3UK app? Currently, the best way seems to be by calling 3UK’s support service on “333″ and according to GoMo News reader, Jimmy, an agent will text the requisite URL to your 3UK handset.

Sadly, Jimmy forget to share the requisite URL with us and a trawl of the Net found Marin on HotUK Deals here saying the app defintiely worked.

Marin confirmed that with the beta vesion of the app calls and texts are free. After this date, calls and texts will be charged at standard rates – such as three pence per minute and two pence per SMS/ text.

It does strike GoMo News from the fact that 3UK is so prepared to let the beta out into the wild, the MNO is reacting to something.

Initially, we thought the motivation was a competitive response to EE’s VoWifi announcements. However, it seems that the UK Prime Minister, MNO, has got a bee in his bonnet about poor cellular coverage in parts of Britain like Norfolk and Dorset.

Three in Touch would get around this problem. So, whilst we were drinking in the Kings Arms [a fantastic pub] in Lockerley [wildest Hampshire], if we’d had the beta version of Three In Touch we could have made a voice call over the pub’s free Wi-fi.

As far as we can tell, only Vodafone has bothered to properly cover Lockerly with a cellular signal. And we are not suprised by reports that UK MNOs are extremely reluctant to provide ‘national roaming’.

What is the point of rolling out pinpointed cellular coverage, if the government then forces you to share your commercial advantage with your direct rivals?

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