Three UK using Mavenir to offer VoWifi

And Mavenir is using HockApp to develop its client app

GoMo News is extremely grateful to reader, Jimmy Howitt, for providing us with the URL to download a beta copy of Three UK[3UK]‘s Three in Touch app. As we revealed in our previous story ‘Three in Touch beta gets 3UK users out of a black hole‘ this app is intended to enable existing 3UK subscribers to make calls and send text messages when out of cellular coverage. The Three in Touch app instead enables certain handsets to utilise Wi-fi instead. Thanks to Jimmy any 3UK customers who are GoMo News readers can now download the test app by going here.

Here at GoMo Towers, we haven’t written about Mavenir Systems for quite some while.

But as we said here, Mavenir is a ‘converged’ services provider for operators.

In essence, it allows operators to tie voice, messaging, data and multimedia services into a single IP-based service.

What’s interesting is that Mavenir is using the HockeyApp service to develop and test the client app that it will eventually supply to 3UK by July 27th [2014].

HockeyApp describes itself as “a personal app store for testing”. Which means that Mavenir didn’t have to put its Android test app on Google Play.

Significantly, HockApp has software clients that enable developers to produce apps for Android, iOS and even Windows Phone – but not BlackBerry.

Which doesn’t bode well for those 3UK customers hoping to use their BlackBerries with Three in Touch.

Incidentally, the test Three In Touch app only works on Android handsets running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or above. We’ve no idea if that will be the case when it is eventually released.

Another point to bear in mind is that you can only activate the test Android app when you have a live cellular data connexion on the Three UK network. You can’t install over Wi-fi.

Jimmy tells us that all of the calls made on the test app are free but we haven’t been able to prove that yet as we’ve got to find somewhere with no 3UK signal but working Wi-fi!

So if you are a 3UK subscriber (although it might work on other Three networks) just point your browser at and download the app.

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