Time for more AdMob mobile metrics – iPod Touch has a great Christmas

According to AdMobs December 2008 Metrics report, requests made to AdMob by iPod Touch more than tripled during December. The biggest spike was during the week after Christmas.

The iPod Touch is now the #2 device in the AdMob Network with 4.7 percent share.The majority of requests came from the US, but there was huge growth worldwide. Combined, the iPhone and iPod Touch now represent 15.5 percent of all worldwide requests.

Other highlights from the report:

Smartphones generally showed a big increase, from 22 percent of requests worldwide in May to 33 percent in December.

Symbian is the #1 smartphone OS worldwide with 41 percent share.

The iPhone OS had 32 percent worldwide share in December, up from 6 percent in May. (This doesn’t include iPod Touch)

Worldwide RIM has 10 percent and Windows Mobile has 9 percent OS share.  Both are strongest in North America and Latin America.

What we think?

Lots of people must have gotten an iPod Touch for Christmas! I’m beginning to think it’s the smart choice. You can download apps to make VoIP calls over the Touch with the simple addition of a hands-free set. Soon, Skype Lite will be available on the device. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the iPhone, and you can store more music and games on it!

It remains to be seen whether the glut of smartphone usage is just because people were playing with their toys over Christmas. The real question is whether or not the new users will continue to explore the mobile web or not.

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