Tools are answer to ARPU loss from LTE says Gigamon

Ride the data traffic tsunami

smartphone & tablet data tsuami - Huckridge

Customer experience management tools are the answer to MNOs’ [Mobile Network Operators'] prayers when it comes to understanding to the relationship between traffic, network load and overall subscriber experience on LTE. That’s according to Gigamon, a global provider of intelligent traffic visibility solutions for MNOs. Presently they simply do not have the network visibility to connect subscribers to usage patterns. Consequently, truly tailored packages are in the early stages of being implemented.

To achieve this, Gigamon it is critical that carriers have the ability to gain adequate, correlated subscriber-level intelligence to obtain a deep understanding of usage, performance and consumption trends.

Only then canMNOs successfully ride the data traffic tsunami and make better-informed decisions that maximise profits and improve service quality at the same time, whilst staving off ARPU reduction.

Gigamon quotes recent stats from Strategy Analytics which has forecast that, as smartphones increasingly overtake PC usage wireless data traffic will rise by approximately 300 per cent by 2017.

It will reach a peak of 21 Exabytes, from just 5 Exabytes in 2012. It should be noted, however, that these figures include data services covering all kinds of handsets globally, but exclude tablet traffic.

Andy Huckridge, a director with Gigamon, said, “The explosion of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices is certainly creating a new and challenging environment for the wireless service provider to navigate.”

“[MNOs] are struggling to keep up with the amount of data, let alone effectively analyse it without breaking the bank or their existing business model.”

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