Top Connect launches TravelSim UK with +44 numbers

USA and now UK have local services

think global, act local - markin

In a bid to strengthen its position as the world’s leading provider of international pre-paid communications with its TravelSim mobile service, telecoms expert Top Connect has launched a new service aimed specifically at UK customers.  Each Brit is given a unique TravelSim number that starts with +44 77XXXXXXX. TravelSim USA  customers  already have mobile numbers that start with +1. In the UK, incoming calls from 66 countries are free, as are incoming SMS messages.

Outgoing calls and data have the same competitive price plans as the regular TravelSim service. Plus there is no connection fee.

Known simply as TravelSim UK, Top Connect believes its service will appeal to people coming to the UK on business or holidays;
students taking short term language courses, or anyone needing a low-cost, pre-paid SIM card without a mobile contract.

Thanks to Top Connect’s agreements with GSM operators around the world, devices fitted with a TravelSim UK card will automatically connect to the networks of any of Britain’s mobile operators such as Vodafone and EE.

If customers travel abroad, the +44 number can still be used in 200 other countries.

Mikhail Markin,  head of product development department for TravelSim, recently told GoMo News, “By introducing our ‘Think Global, Act Local’ business strategy, TravelSim continues to lead the way in pre-paid communications.”

Thanks to Top Connect’s unique agreement with fellow Estonian company Skype, families can call football fans with a TravelSim UK number at the World Cup in Brazil using Skype for free.

Top Connect  is keen to meet with prospective distributors who are in essence mobile virtual network operators [MVNOs]. For more information email here.

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