Top UK travel brands missing app store optimisation opportunity

Yodel Mobile research finds app discovery in the travel industry stalling due to spelling mistakes and omitting obvious keywords and only 30 per cent of available keyword capacity being used

Press release

April 22  2014. Integrated mobile marketing agency, Yodel Mobile, has released the results of its analysis of the top UK travel brands (according to ranking criteria) and their efforts at discoverability within the Apple App Store. In particular the use of keywords was analysed against three criteria: – capacity (how many of the permitted total keywords were used?); relevancy (how successful were each of the brands at connecting the app with relevant, travel-related keywords?); and typos (how many keywords were misspelt?).

The results paint a picture of an industry with a huge opportunity to improve the success of their apps by implementing basic principles of good app store optimisation.

Mobile apps are a primary engagement tool for building brand recognition, loyalty and sales – yet many brands would benefit from a more rounded approach to mobile app store optimisation.


App developers have 20 words to play with when inputting keywords to help users discover their app through search.

Yodel found that overall, only 30 per cent of the keyword capacity was used with two leading brands not using any keywords at all to assist users in finding and downloading their app.

Moreover, seven of the 11 travel brands analysed used between zero and five keywords – one quarter or less of their keyword allowance in the App Store.


More than half of the travel brands that were analysed (six) failed to use relevant keywords in their app store optimisation efforts such as keywords relating to their core business.

Words such as flight, cruise, cheap, holiday, family, and hotel were omitted as well as specific destination keywords that could help lead consumers to a brand’s app.


With just 20 words to play with when it comes to the opportunity for search optimisation, a misspelled word is a missed search opportunity.

Nearly half of the travel brands that were analysed (five) included typos in their keywords.

Misspelled brand names, cities (London versus Londoni, for example) and typos on words such as Airways represent an opportunity for quick and easy wins for brands – make sure they’re right and ASO gets an instant boost.

Tim Pemberton, media operations director at Yodel Mobile said, “It’s clear that travel brands need to up their game when it comes to the App Store.”

“Casual search for lifestyle, utility and entertainment mobile apps is a mainstream activity and often the consumer’s first touch with a brand.”

“Strong use of keywords is just the start of the optimisation journey.”

“Getting the creative right (icons and screengrabs for example) are crucial, as well as introducing ‘beyond the download’ tactics. ”

“These include contextual push messaging to help re-engage consumers with your app and grow positive ratings and reviews – in turn helping to tune up app discoverability.”

About Yodel Mobile

Yodel Mobile has been operating in the mobile market since 2007. It has an excellent track record of delivering effective mobile communications solutions in just about every sector. The company provides mobile success to its clients through solid and relevant mobile strategy. It plans and buys effective mobile campaigns, develop cutting edge creative, build engaging applications and M-sites, manage and measure app store optimisation, SEO and mobile CRM for local and global delivery. Although it has won many awards in the mobile category, the company’s focus is always on meeting client expectations and delivering on their objectives.

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