Tweakker’s mobile connectivity cloud now over Kosovo

Kosova Kosovo’s* ZMobile becomes first Balkan MVNO to subscribe to Tweakker’s Over-the-Air mobile connectivity service

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April 16th 2012. Mobile connectivity firm Tweakker has announced that Zmobile of Kosovo has become the first MVNO in the Balkans to embrace its cloud connectivity services. In just two years operations, Zmobile has captured an over 14 per cent mobile phone market share thanks to its highly aggressive pricing policies for voice and data services. The firm now has a customer base of 150,000 subscribers and with the burgeoning demand for data services such as SMS, MMS, GPRS and EDGE, expects to reach 200,000 subscribers by year end.But expansion means increasing operational costs and forced Zmobile to look for a low-cost automated connectivity solution that could be added to its existing systems. Buying access to Tweakker’s Application Programming Interface (API) and bolting it onto its infrastructure systems was the fastest and most economical solution and now enables the MVNO to better serve its new customers from power-up.

The development of the MVNO business in recent years resembles that of the evolution of web business. Business support systems (BSS) and Operation Support Systems (OSS) have changed radically from being fully-featured platforms into highly-specialized MVNO offerings delivered through cloud services and APIs.

“The move towards niche cloud services enables MVNOs to significantly reduce costs and improve user experience,” says Sune Sonne Andersen, Tweakker’s head of product.

He adds, “This transition enables MVNOs to better cherry pick suppliers for key services and roll-out best-practice business models as a result.”

He points out that thanks to cloud services, MVNOs can decide which supplier can provide the best billing solution, what supplier can provide the best infrastructure, what supplier can best help to deliver data services, and which supplier can best help with social media or app store efforts.

Driton Arifaj, Zmobile’s CTO comments, “With Tweakker’s global leadership in helping MVNOs to deliver data services to mobile devices whatever they may be, it was a very simple process and decision to bolt its API onto our systems. Today, we can provide all mobile users with instant connectivity, and that, quite frankly, is slashing our connectivity care costs by 95 per cent.”

Dennis Juul Poulsen, Tweakker’s CEO adds, “As part of our global cloud connectivity goals, Tweakker aims to support all MVNOs in the Balkan region. Clearly, we’re delighted to partner with Zmobile to slash its customer care costs and provide new data subscribers in its network with the best possible customer experience.”

About Tweakker

Tweakker has an unmatched on-device data connectivity service platform for Device Makers, MVNOs and MVNEs. Today, the company supports Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone OS, which represents approximately 95% of Smartphones sold today. Tweakker is a privately held company headquartered in Århus, Denmark. The company is backed by investors who built the wireless and technology industries at Mobilethink, MobilePeople, Emperion and Configit. Visit

* Update: Tweakker can’t make up its mind whether it is Kosovo or Kosova. It used both spellings. We’re with Wikipedia on this one in that the English spelling is Kosovo but the inhabitants are Kosovans. Sorry for any confusion.

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