Tweakker adds new string – instant Internet

Making life easier for mobile operator call centre staff

a key technology enabler for MNOs/MVNOs - poulsen

Tweakker which specialises in mobile connectivity has added another string to its bow in the shape of instant internet access. This makes it easy for MNOs  [Mobile Network Operators] and  MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] to add a data services for their connected customerbases. The first operator to benefit from this facility is Lebara – a leading MVNO. Tweakker  has been able to extend its traditional business services from turnkey cross-channel access point name (APN) device set up to supplying solutions for instant internet access settings for all phone models, thanks to Tweakker’s automatic device configuration software.

Tweakker’s CEO, Dennis Juul Poulsen, commented, “This International Agreement with Lebara truly reflects the full expertise and mobile technology of Tweakker and represents a key technology enabler for the mobile operator to meet its growth objectives.”

The partnership with Lebara (and indeed any MNO or MVNO) will help facilitate a reduction in data settings related calls into the customer support centre.

Thereby saving service time and facilitating a smoother customer experience.

Cloud-based device support guides for support centre staff will also help to reduce training costs.

This is achieved via easily accessible content for agents  to conveniently refer to and share with subscribers.

Dedicated support staff are also able to add their own audio and visual content using the fully integrated management system.

See the full Press release here.

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