Tweakker helps Dutch group set up private GSM networks

Allies with appropriately named Private Mobility

comms not open to attack - anema

An interesting new development from the Dutch company, Private Mobility, which is effectively a virtual network enabler (MVNE) in the Netherlands. Thanks to a hook up with mobile connectivity firm, Tweakker Private Mobility can now offer secure managed services to MVNOs and government customers. In essence, this means that Private Mobility can now offer a truly private GSM network which means that corporate traffic safely remains on private paths. This has been achieved by deploying Tweakker’s enterprise-grade access point name (APN) solution.

Previously, the MVNE was unable to facilitate partners in managed mobile internet setup so that they in turn can deliver a customised and secure solution to their enterprise customers.

With mobile security becoming increasingly important to IT managers, this feature is likely to have more and more appeal. Especially for those with BYOD [Bring Your Own Device] roll-outs.

Michiel Anema, Private Mobility’s service manager, explained, “Enterprise and government customers depend upon secure, fault-free communications without having to worry about unauthorised access to their data.”

He continued, “Being secure, customers’ communications will not be open to attack from external parties such as spammers or virus spreaders.”

Anema adds,  “With Tweakker’s mobile innovation skillsets, remote handset configuration becomes easy.”

A key feature of Private Mobility’s private APN service is that it secures and directly routes all traffic between 2G/3G/4G mobile radio networks and customer LAN infrastructure without using internet.

Mobile data transmission thus becomes fault-free and uses reliable private lines thus lessening the complexity and vulnerability of the communications path.

There is no longer need for using special VPN software on mobile devices.

Sune Sonne Anderson, Tweakker’s head of product, commented, “Tweakker is fast becoming the business partner of choice for MVNEs and MVNOs in all five continents.”

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