Tweakker saves MNOs/MVNOs $1.5bn in customer care costs

All set for connecting 20bn IoT devices by 2020

20bn device industry by 2020 - poulsen

Based on feedback from its own MNO [Mobile Network Operator]/MVNO [Mobile Virtual Network Operator] customer base, Tweakker reckons that two in three calls to network support centres today concern connectivity settings. In terms of cost, this represents an estimated $15 per call to get a subscriber online. Having passed its 100 million device connectivity milestone in March 2014, Tweakker therefore believes it has saved its MNOs/MVNOs aroundĀ  $1.5 billion in customer care costs.

This is all thanks to a patented instant-on connectivity app and technology for device manufacturers to embed in new handsets coming onto the market.

With the Internet of Things [IoT] threatening to vastly increase the number of connected devices, Tweakker anticipates even greater demand for its mobile connectivity solutions.

One of the latest benefits provided by Tweakker’s platform is that devicesĀ  gain Internet connectivity settings from power-up to access Over-The-Top [OTT] services.

These include such things as Skype, Whatsapp or Viber plus browsing the web using 3G/4G data connexions and sending/receiving MMS and emails.

Since start up in 2009, Tweakker has developed the largest database of connectivity settings of mobile phones in the world to power its an Over-the-Air [OTA] connectivity platform.

Tweakker’s mobile connectivity technology is compliant with customer interaction points, API, self-care, and smartphone apps.

“As the Internet of Things concept develops into a 20 billion device industry by 2020,” explained Tweakker’s CEO, Dennis Juul Poulsen.

“Our mobile connectivity role will extend to getting IOT devices online from power-up be it the connected car, wearable technology, or body sensors.”

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