Tweakker’s web app simply switches an iPhone to MVNO data

Could save you from having to unlock the phone

A while back when we ran a story entitled ‘US MVNO Ultra Mobile connects through Tweakker‘  we spotted a reference to a special facility for Apple’s iPhones. The company claimed it can provide, “a unique solution for iPhones where the customer is guided via SMS and web-apps through an automatic setup process.” This turns out to be an extremely useful facility for MVNOs [Mobile Virtual Network Operators] who know that a large number of potential subscribers want to migrate using their iPhone. The problem is that MVNOs’ APNs [Access Point Names] are not included in Apple’s own iPhone activation ‘process’ files. Without Tweakker’s solution this can prove to be a support nightmare for MVNOs.

Normally an IPhone user has to manually configure the APN through the iPhone’s menu system. Either through instructions or guided by an MVNO’s support agent.

The latter is, of course, expensive. Now, instead MVNOs can use Tweakker’s web app to install the MVNO’s APN as a ‘profile’ on their own device.

Tweakker offers an iOS Web-app as part of its platform. The web app offers a simple and branded experience for the MVNO customer to set their APN.

The web app option is integrated into Tweakker’s entire platform, allowing the user to receive a special SMS with a link to the app when he or she inserts the MVNO’s SIM into the handset.

Alternatively, iPhone users can be given the link (URL) from an MVNO’s web site help section or get it directly from customer care agent.

GoMo News tried it out via a special link provided by Tweakker as a test. It was designed to put the APN for the Lebara network onto the iPhone.

All new subscribers have to do is to type the URL into the iPhone’s Safari browser and it then takes them to a custom page running an iOS compatible web app.

The app provides simple instructions on what to do – which in essence prompts the user into downloading an app that installs the requisite APN onto the smartphone as a new ‘profile’.

The crucial point is that MVNO customers won’t be able to use the MVNO’s data services unless this APN has been installed.

The existence of this web app is key for MVNOs since Tweakker virtually guarantees that they will experience more successful APN setups compared to offering any guidance for manual setup.

There’s one hidden benefit for iPhone owners, too.

If the MVNO operates over the same MNO’s [Mobile Network Operator's]  network as the one that supplied your handset in the first place, there’s no need to ‘unlock’ the iPhone.

our thanks to sune sonne andersen

The handset will simply accept the new SIM rather than rejecting it. This applied to GoMo‘s own iPhone with a SIM which came from Giff-Gaff who uses the O2 network.

In the UK, Lebara utilises the Vodafone network – so Brits with iPhones ‘locked’ to Vodafone could successfully defect to Lebara using this web app.

If any iPhone users amongst our readers want to benefit from this great tool they should ask their potential MVNO to contact Tweakker. Say GoMo News sent you!

Our thanks to Tweakker’s Sune Sonne Andersen, Tweakker’s chief product officer, for helping us try the web app out.

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