Two new mobile OS – Tizen and Sailfish might showcase @MWC 2013

Rating: Tizen could even be found inside the Samsung Galaxy S4

Following up on our Samsung Tizen announcement story here, we noticed a massive rumour about the next version of Samsung’s highly successful Galaxy S range. According to a report in the Daily Bhaskar here, Samsung its readying the Galaxy S4 for a February 2013 release. Now we all know what takes place in February each year – yes, the GSMA’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) show. And MWC is the favourite place for the shakers and movers in the cellular world (sorry CTIA Las Vegas) to launch new products.

The Daily Bhaskar is, itself, basing its story on a report on SamMobile here. It even has model numbers – GT-I9500 and GT-I9505.

That story claims that in addition to a Android version of the Galaxy S1V (4), the Korean manufacturer will almost certainly introduce a second model based on the Tizen mobile OS.

Tizen is an Open Source mobile OS (see our Tizen 101 here ) which Samsung now seems to be developing in the place of its own OS – bada in conjunction with Intel.

Now – thanks to the Intel connexion, Tizen is related to another mobile OS – MeeGo.

Nokia did actually produce a MeeGo based handset, the N9 but stopped development in favour of WP8 (windows Phone 8).

That was a strange decision given that the N9 sold quite well in the markets which Nokia decided to sell the handset into – including New Zealand. (See here).

Anyway, a bunch of Nordic bods -Jolla, who were cheezed off by Nokia’s decision to abandon MeeGo have got together to create a range of devices based on MeeGo and now named Sailfish.

However, Jolla has just Tweeted that the “first Jolla device specs will be revealed in early 2013″ here. Again, the most likely candidate for that announcement is MWC 2013.

There’s a bit of a nautical theme going on here since – in addition to Sailfish, bada actually means ‘ocean’ in Korean.

And talking of Korean, in Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese cultures the number four (4) is considered to be an unlucky number.

So it is extremely unlikely that Samsung will call the successor to the Galaxy SIII (3) the SIV (4). There’s even a precedent for this.

Back in the days when Nokia knew something about selling mobile phones, it never introduced a Series 4 or any handset starting with 4.

These days, Nokia obviously isn’t interested in selling phone because it won’t offer a handset running the world’s most popular smartphone OS – Android.

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