tyntec predicts markets for A2P SMS is set to explode

Rating: Developers using text to promote their apps

Mobile interaction service provider, tyntec, is predicting that the market for Application to Person (A2P) messaging is on the verge of exploding. In particular it says that the internet industry – and Silicon Valley internet giants in particular, extending email and social networking services with SMS especially into emerging markets. tyntec says that app developers and marketers are driving demand for A2P messaging, as they are increasingly looking at push messaging and SMS to drive downloads, engagement and to reactivate customers.The messaging specialist quotes industry watchers such as ABI Research estimating that social networks and portals will be generating 314 billion SMS messages in 2015.

Plus Mobile Marketing Watch forecasting that A2P SMS will overtake person-to-person SMS in 2016.

tyntec obviously has no intention of missing out on this particular gold rush and so has just announced that it has increased its global network coverage by 16 per cent to 750 mobile networks globally.

The new coverage in key markets such as Asia and Brazil long with full coverage in USA, Canada.

Crucially, tyntec is offering its clients a full service such as reliable and scalable message delivery; Service Level Agreement (SLA) reporting; and advanced measurement analytics.

This expanded coverage also provides the company with an, “Ability to provide unique and easy connectivity to the complex mobile market, whilst offering even greater reliability and a range of new pricing options for our clients,” says Thorsten Trapp, tyntec’s CTO.

It’s no wonder that tyntec sees many of its new customers coming from an app development background. It cites a recent Whitepaper by MobileGroove which examined the increasing use of messaging as an additional channel in app marketing.

Developers face the challenge of being heard in a market in which roughly 15,000 apps are launched across the Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms every day.

They’re following the leasers, of course, with Facebook using SMS to extend its reach in developing countries and Twitter enables users to tweet via text messaging.

As GoMobile News readers already are aware, of course, in emerging markets, mobile is not simply the prime channel to the internet, it is the only channel and SMS is the obvious way to communicate with such users.

More information from tyntec here.

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  2. George Smith says:

    Have started using A2P sms for my business and the results are remarkable. U use http://www.logicsms.co.za

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