UK ad spend to top £20bn for 1st time in 2015

Success will hinge on digital ad campaigns which deliver relevant ads

impetus on modern-day marketers - naggar

According to the Advertising Association/Warc, the UK’s ad spend is set to top £20 billion for first time in 2015. It concludes that mobile will remain the fastest growing ad medium through 2015. However, the rate of growth will slow to a mere 45.5 per cent [wow! - Ed] in two years’ time. Total internet ad spend growth is also expected to slow, falling to 12.2 per cent in 2015, from 15.6 per cent in 2013. With these figures pointing towards an explosion in mobile, Turn‘s md for EMEA, Pierre Naggar explains how there will be increased competition to deliver a more personalised advertising experience on this channel for consumers.

Pierre Naggar, commented, “As mobile ad spend continues to grow and more companies take up advertising on mobile, there will be increased competition to deliver a more personalised advertising experience to on-the-go consumers on the device they are engaging with at that moment.”

What should brands do? Well, Naggar reckons that brands should spy on their competitors to stay ahead of the game.

“If they are to avoid being hit by rising ad costs, brands will need to look at the habits of their competitors by measuring trends in advertiser share of voice in order to realise the best opportunities to communicate with consumers,” Naggar observed.

He added, “The impetus is on modern-day marketers to showcase ROI in new ways.”

Currently, many marketers are making their digital advertising offerings more innovative and efficient, using programmatic, real-time buying [RTB]  systems and algorithms to automate data-driven, targeted communications with consumers.

Naggar warns, “When millions of advertisers, both big and small, are contending for the attention of increasingly distracted consumers in this evolving advertising market, success will hinge on building digital advertising campaigns which deliver quality and relevant ads to your target audience as they move across screens.”

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