UK bricks & mortar retailers may end the Kindle/Nexus tablet duopoly looks @ UK budget tablet traffic for its  Chart of The Week (CoTW)

uk budget tablet web traffic

Ever since Google’s Nexus 7 was launched back in June 2012, The UK market has seen many devices being released in the budget price range – which is roughly under £250). However, until recently there have been two dominant devices: – the Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD (7″). Currently the pair have a combined share of 88.43 per cent of the UK’s budget tablet web traffic. Impressive as that might seem it has actually dropped from a massive 96.23 per cent over the last 3 months. The main threat to the Big Two is coming from the UK bricks & mortar retailers such as the supermarkets. Tesco was the first to show its hand with the Hudl but Aldi (LifeTab) and Argos (Mytablet) have also recently released new budget tablets into the market. It will be interesting to see what happens after new tablet owners open their Xmas stockings.

Having been released on September 30th [2013] Tesco’s Hudl has quickly gained a 7 per cent share of the UK budget tablet market, says.

This seems to be at the direct expense of the Nexus 7, which has lost 8.82 per cent web traffic share since the hudl’s release.

Significantly, the 7″ Kindle Fire HD has been seemingly unaffected by the Hudl’s release.

The Hudl has sold in far greater numbers than originally predicted, with over reports of over 300,000 units being sold.

The big question is with other new entrants gain market presence and in doing so will these new devices hinder the Hudl’s rapid growth?

View’s UK web traffic – most popular budget tablets (<£250), September -November 2013 here.

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