UK MVNO’s SIM cards arrive in the St Nick of time

Rating: The Peoples’ Operator sends SIMs out Before Xmas

Having been at the original launch of the UK MVNO, The People’s Operator (TPO),  GoMobile News finally received its SIM card in the Post (mail). Which is interesting because it’s almost a month after the actual Press event (November 19th 2012) and we signed up immediately. But, hey, it is just in time for Xmas. One thing which we can confirm, however, is that TPO is definitely hosted on the EE network. That’s good news because you shouldn’t need to unlock a an Orange or T-Mobile handset.

Another smart move TPO has made is that it has been sensible enough to ship the SIM cards with either a regular or micro SIM.

So if you are migrating to TPO with your Apple iPhone, you’ll still be able to get onto this network.

At the launch itself we complained just how difficult it was to set a password on TPO’s web site.

Things haven’t improved. We set a new password after eventually working it out that if you put the numerals before the letters then the system will accept it.

We’re also somewhat confused by the tariffs. There seem to be tariffs which cost only £7.50.

The only snag is that you can only top up in units of £10 as far as we can tell.

Anyway, it is all in a good cause because TPO promises to forward 25 per cent of its profits to good causes.

Plus you can opt to donate another 10 per cent of the profits to a charity of your choosing.

We’re trying to work out how this could happen because we’d like to add the Epsom Hospital Medical Equipment Fund as our charity.

Apparently, five donors to the same cause form a quorum. So One down and four to go.

The real attraction of TPO, however, is that calls and texts between TPO users are free.

In 2013, however, TPO promises to support contract as well as prepaid customers.

See our previous story here.

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