UK PM gives big thumbs up for his BlackBerry

David Cameron shows how Brits still remain loyal to the brand

source: daily mail © david hartley

Well, GoMo News can’t think of a better endorsement for the value of using a BlackBerry to stay in control of your job than that given by the UK’s current Prime Minister [PM], David Cameron. After all, Mr Cameron’s job could hardly be more important to Brits than running the country (Great Britain). In an interview run extensively by the leading UK newspaper, the Daily Mail (see here), David Cameron ” said he was always available on his blackberry – even from holiday.” From the pictures, it looks to us like he’s got a BB10 device – maybe even a Q5.

What David Cameron said in full was, “”I always make sure there are senior ministers on duty in Westminster,” he said after delivering a speech in central London.

“But I don’t hand over the Government to a deputy. Wherever I am, wherever I am in the world I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed.”

“And indeed as I have done on I think almost every holiday that I have enjoyed over the last few years, to return instantly should that be necessary.”

The last sentence shows that Mr Cameron isn’t just a new convert but a long time fan of the BlackBerry brand.

Plus, it also illustrates how a BlackBerry can be used wherever you are in the world.

Sadly the photograph, taken by David Hartley, doesn’t show us exactly which BlackBerry model Mr Cameron is using but we assume he is a fan of those BlackBerry models that sport a keypad. Such as a Q5 or maybe even a Q10.

This admission should definitely give the Canadian smartphone maker a welcome boost because it also shows that the British government at least still considers BlackBerries to be highly secure devices.

Perhaps we should ask BBC journalist Nick Robinson a call. After all he knows the Prime Minister’s mobile phone number and almost gave it away to terrorists.

See ‘Lost BBC hack’s mobile phone classic BYOD mistake‘.

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