UK seminar to examine benefits of mobile operator payments

Rating: 50 Shades of revenue, apparently

The Association for Interactive Media & Entertainment (AIME) is holding one of its knowledge & networking seminars – this one is entitled, ‘Mobile operator payments’. It is rather cheekily billed as ’50 Shades of Revenue… from mobile payments’ or ‘How mobile operator-billed payments can drive new sales and increase revenues … in ways you can only fantasise about! The seminar is run in association with in association with sponsors Velti, ImpulsePay and SNR Denton. The organisers say that mobile is opening a bridge between the physical and digital worlds since mobile devices are in everyone’s pockets. The seminar will look at whether it be proven that charging Internet-discovered, electronic goods, games, apps and other entertainment services to the mobile phone bill, is a good idea for digital merchants? And, more importantly, is it an idea that will increase mobile revenues? The seminar takes place later in this month [October 23rd 2012] at the offices of SNR Denton in London. More details here .The premise of this seminar is that operator mobile payments are an easy way for consumers to pay for products and services via their mobile phone.

Consumers do not need a credit card or membership with any payment service provider to pay for your goods online, or in the physical world.

Charges are applied directly to their mobile phone bill, making mobile payments a new billing opportunity for many merchants.

The main question being asked today is – what is the best way to implement a streamlined operator billing solution that simplifies the purchasing process for the consumer and also expands pricing options for mobile web developers?

The list of speakers includes: – Rob Weisz from Velti, Richard Atkinson from Just Giving; Chris Newell from ImpulsePay; Rory Maguire fromThree; Alex Haffner from SNR Denton Law firm; Gaming industry analyst, Aideen Shortt; Rob Stevenson from social gaming company Hooplo Media; and Andrew Darling from West Pier Media.

The venue is SNR Denton Law Offices, One, Fleet Place, London, EC4M 7RA London, UK. Registration from 4.15 pm for 5 pm start.

Cost: Free attendance for UKIE members; AIME Members: £50; Non-members £75

You can register here.

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