UK’s Vince Cable to highlight Indian search engine – Zomato

Indian firm intends to make the UK its European HQ

Zomato even has WP8 & BB10 apps

On his four day tour of India starting today [December 9th 2013], the UK’s Business Secretary, Vince Cable is expected to announce a £612,000 ( $1 million) investment by Zomato, the mobile and online search company in the UK. Initially, the money will be spent in Scotland but Zomato intends to set up teams across key UK cities and make the UK the headquarters of its European operations. Zomato boasts an impressive range of mobile apps which not only cover Apple’s iOS and Google Play but BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone (WP8) too. The company is actually hiring globally.

Incidentally, for those with earlier BlackBerries and older handsets with WAP based browsers (such as the Nokia N73), you can visit the Zomato search engine @

Zomato suggests the best restaurants and night to its mobile users being location aware. Additionally, all of Zomato’s features –  such as menus, picture s and reviews, are available and supported fully on all mobile apps.

Newcastle, Leeds and Bristol are amongst the cities being looked into by the Indian firm.  Zomato also has 25 employees in the UK and expects to increase this to 150 in next 18 months.

When GoMo News checked the Zomato web site here, the company was hiring not only in London, England but right across India.

Today’s mission is the fourth headed by Dr Cable since he was effectively given responsibility by UK PM,  David Cameron, to double Britain’s trade with India by 2015.

*Footnote: Our thanks to Radio Jackie for highlighting this story

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