Unholy alliance to swoop in on Kodak’s IPR

Rating: Google & Apple join forces – shurley shome mishtake

George Eastman- Inventor of Kodak camera & no relation to Linda McCartney

An Unholy Alliance between Apple and Google appears to have sprung up over the IPR portfolio of Eastman Kodak – the bankrupt company best known for producing cameras. Kodak recently obtained $830 million of exit financing in November which was contingent on its sale of the digital-imaging patents for at least $500 million. The smartphone arch rivals appear to be interested in getting their hands on the circa 1,100 imaging inventions to strengthen hands in the series of vicious legal battles which has engulfed the mobile sector.It is not the first time there has been something on an unlikely pairing of smartphone producer arch rivals.

When Nortel Networks, the now defunct Canadian telecoms specialist, went under, a group of companies acquired the circa 6,000 Nortel patents – many of them pertaining to network.

For the Nortel vulture swoop, Apple joined forces with other major rivals in the smartphone sector – in this instance RIM (BlackBerry) and Microsoft.

It is mere speculation but GoMobile News wonders if Apple could swallow its pride and join forces with Google because the iPhone producer seems to focus most of its legal ire on Samsung – which just so happens to be the biggest producer of Android handsets?

Given that Apple has billions of dollars to play with, its strange that it has to find a partner for the Kodak patents? Perhaps its a ploy to come in at the low end and offer only the $500 million (£312 million) which Kodak needs.

if we were Samsung North America, we’d bid $501 million just to p*ss Apple off. After all, Apple makes billions of dollars out of European but pays very little tax on it.

Additionally, the move cannot be linked to the legal tassles between Apple and the Beatles over the Apple domain because Linda McCartney (nee Eastman) wasn’t really related to George Eastman – the inventor of the Kodak camera.

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