Urban Airship goes beyond push notifications to engage entire app audience with targeted in-app content

Expanded in-app messaging capabilities now include location and behavior segmentation, easy integration with rich media and deeper analytics

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July 10th 2013.­ Urban Airship, the global leader in mobile
solutions to build relationships with connected consumers, has introduced next-generation enhancements to its app engagement platform, including new ways to engage the entire app audience or specific audience segments with rich in-app content and messaging. The company also introduced a new marketer-friendly user interface and deeper, more actionable analytics.

Push notifications dramatically increase app engagement  and boost sales and customer loyalty, but they only reach an app’s opted-in users.

Businesses can now use Urban Airship to deliver highly targeted rich app content and in-app messages using the same industry-leading location and behavior targeting engine behind its high-performance push messaging.

With a completely redesigned easy-to-use message creation workflow, marketers can now create rich app pages including multimedia content, offers, surveys, forms and more without having to resubmit the app or involve IT or developers.

App users can access this content through an in-app message center or rich app pages inserted within the app.

By combining customers preferences, behaviour, current location and location history, marketers can improve segmentation and drive greater personalisation to create more relevant and engaging experiences.

“The Rip Curl Live Events App offers surfing fans access to everything they want to know, as it happens, wherever they are in the world, and statistics don’t matter nearly as much as compelling visuals,” said Brendan Downs, global web master, Rip Curl.

“Urban Airship allowed us to send photos and videos to an email-like inbox within the app itself with push messages alerting users to new content.”

“This capability really appealed to us as well as our app users with nearly a quarter of app opens driven by push messaging.”

Companies can now maximize the benefit audiences receive from these visually rich messages by leveraging Urban Airship to tailor content according to user’s explicit and inferred preferences and location profiles.

An in-app message center offers an always-there, communication hub with message-count badge icons to keep messages handy until users are ready to view them, creating the perfect place for retail coupon codes and richer, more personalised content that will help move users closer to achieving an app’s conversion goals.

The message center can be designed to look like an inbox
or completely customized to reflect the brand¹s look-and-feel.

Urban Airship includes several responsive design templates that enable marketers to easily create and preview rich app pages across the major mobile platforms.

In addition, businesses can integrate their messaging strategies with third-party tools for lead-generation forms, surveys, A/B
testing and company-wide analytics.

With this latest platform update, Urban Airship also introduces more actionable and deeper analytics for more precise insight into the performance of individual messages, including new top-line aggregate insights and message responses over time.

“Seeing what customers across numerous industry verticals have already achieved through our rich content delivery, the future will be extremely compelling for both businesses and their end-users with content targeted to their specific interests and context,” said Scott Kveton, co-founder and CEO, Urban Airship.

“Not only will it be easier than ever to drive more compelling experiences across your entire app audience, organizations can now richly serve individuals’ needs and gain their feedback in formats proven to be more effective than simple text-based messages.”

About Urban Airship

Urban Airship enables brands to build relationships with their constantly connected customers through Mobile Relationship Management solutions that streamline delivering highly targeted cross-platform mobile push messages and creating and managing Apple Passbook passes and Google Wallet cards. Billions of push messages and tens of thousands of passes are delivered each month, sparking exceptional consumer experiences, driving app
engagement and increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value for leading brands such as CBS Interactive, Cinemagram, ESPN, Groupon, Walgreens and Warner Bros. The company’s solutions manage the end-to-end process of high-performance push messaging, location-targeted messaging and digital wallet management.

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  1. Andy Heaps says:

    Hopefully, there will be a way to opt out of these targeted things. They just don’t seem to get things right for me!

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