US surveillance tactics could help BlackBerry

Your data on Canadian or British servers

As usual, the paranoid amongst us will have become convinced that the USA has been listening in to calls made over popular VoIP services such as Skype. The revelations from US President Obama’s regime made it pretty clear that it is only call records that have been accessed. However, the thought that details of who you frequently email via the likes of Google, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft will seriously worry some businesses. What about client confidentiality for starters? Ironically, these developments could help BlackBerry as it is a Canadian not US based company.

GoMo News believes that BlackBerry would be benefitting enormously from worries over data and voice security on mobile phones save for the fact that in the past it has made a number of PR blunders.

During the London riots back in 2011 (see here), unfortunately, the company tweeted that, “We [BlackBerry] have engaged with the [UK] authorities to assist in any way can.”

Not a good idea really. It was taken by some to mean that the handset manufacturer could and would give over the content of BBM messages to government authorities if so requested by law.

In fact, all it could do is hand over BBM contact ‘records’ so if one rioter’s handset was found, details of who he or she had been BBMing could be provided to police.

And this is very definitely a good thing.

Yesterday [March 8th 2013], it was reported in the Daily Telegraph that the couple who killed Englishwoman Catherine Wells-Burr were caught through records of text/SMS messages sent between the pair.

It was the records not the content which helped provide vital proof.

The UK mobile industry has a duty to make it very clear to cellular handset users just how secure their communications are – even if court orders are obtained.

Big Brother is very definitely not able to listen in to your mobile calls.

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