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GoMo gets its loan unit upgraded to 3.5G

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Good news for those travellers intending to travel to India. Uros, makers of the Goodspeed mobile Wi-fi hotspot has announced that it can now provides low-cost mobile data in India. That means the number of countries where travellers can gain low cost mobile internet access through the Goodspeed service has risen to 57 including the USA and the BRIC countries including Russia and China. Those travelling to India with a Goodspeed will pay a daily rate of €9.90 (INR 828) a day for 500MB of data. A Goodspeed is ideal for providing a data connexion whilst travelling with a tablet such as a BlackBerry PlayBook – which has no SIM card slot.

Regular readers make recall that we reviewed the device last year [2013] – ‘Goodspeed from UROS provides ideal tethering‘.

Well, we are happy to report that we are now testing the latest (U100) Goodspeed which now supports 3.5 G data connexion speeds.

We were kind of hoping it supported the flavour of 4G which EE offers in the UK.  That way we could utilise our own personal SIM card inside the Goodspeed. Sadly, it doesn’t support 4G at all.

It’s necessary to set up your own personal SIM card online through the Uros web site and you need to ensure you’ve set a PIN number on the SIM card as well.

The unit can actually accept up to ten SIM cards but one of them is the ‘control’ card so you can insert up to nine different SIMs depending on your intended destination.

Basically, you purchase the actual unit itself for €239 (INR 20,000/$332/£198) and then purchase SIM cards on top of that for the countries you intend to travel to.

Incidentally, the average internet users consumes around 250MB of data per day so 500MB per day in India should be ample. The same cellular connexion can be shared by up to five devices, too.

However, in certain countries such as Spain you get up to 1GB a day (useful for when attending MWC, for example).

More information on the Goodspeed mobile Wi-fi hotspot service go here.

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