Use your mobile to stage your own mini music festival

Ultimate Ears’ MINI BOOM Bluetooth speaker works up to 50 feet away

It appears that Ultimate Ears – a Logitech brand, has introduced a powerful new portable speaker which it is calling the UE MINI BOOM. It’s so powerful that it can receive a streamed music feed from any Bluetooth-enabled device located up to 50 feet away. So your mini festival goers won’t notice where the source is. The supplier claims the Bluetooth speaker offers “clear highs and deep bass, giving you great stereo sound.”

Users can even wirelessly pair two UE MINI BOOM speakers together (after downloading the free UE MINI BOOM app available for iOS and Android) to double the sound.

UE forgot to mention it, but when searching for the tech specs we noticed the device is also NFC (passive) enabled  and works with active NFC enabled source devices РAndroid 4.1 (Jellybean) or higher.

The company doesn’t actually say which Bluetooth profile is needed to stream the music so we guess it must be a common one.

Of course, in order to get the best sound, you would need to be utilising the best digital music format.

If you’ve read our previous story – ‘The best audio file format for your smartphone’ by our resident music guru, Mac McLaren from Lemonrock you’ll know the best file format is actually ALAC.

However, mp3 or AAC+ will suffice. The best bit is that the speakers have a battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

Rory Dooley, general manager of Ultimate Ears, said, “Marrying incredible convenience with huge sound, the UE MINI BOOM is the latest mobile speaker in the Ultimate Ears lineup to deliver the best of both worlds.”

Better still the device can withstand some rough-and-tumble – thanks to its durable metal frame and rubber casing. Roadie-proof then?

So it really does sound like the ideal device for starting your own mini festival. Although there’s nothing like the real thing such as WOMAD.

One possible catch. The multi-function button that answers and hangs up calls.

Don’t let someone ring your smartphone mid mini music festival. Turn off the cellular (mobile) network connexion.

The UE MINI BOOM is available from Apple’s retail or online stores or major online stores like Amazon. UK suggested retail price is ¬£79.00.

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