uSwitch’s Kerr attacks EE’s priority queuing

Creating a two-tier system isn’t going to earn EE any Brownie points

won't earn EE any points - kerr

It appears that UK MNO [Mobile Network Operator], EE,has quietly introduced a two-tier system for those calling to ask for advice from its call centre agents. In the UK, EE currently runs the branded networks of T-Mobile and Orange, as well as using the EE name for its own 4G operations. According to reports, the service has been available for a week to contract customers on SIM-only plans. Callers can apparently go to the front of the queue for a one-off fee of 50 pence. Rob Kerr, a leading mobile expert who now works for, has branded the move as “adding insult to injury.”

The move is similar to charging for directory services which sparked massive consumer protests.

But EE has said that it has set high standards for its customer service operations.

Strange, then, that it has threatened GoMo News with the removal of access to its online service for a failure to access it frequently enough.

That’s because every time we tried to log onto the web site, the company reported that its servers were down.

However, EE has stated that the “small charges” for certain services contributed to the investment in [the support] side of the business.

Nonetheless,’s Rob Kerr, commented, “Priority queuing will create a two-tier system, and isn’t going to earn EE any [Brownie] points for popularity.”

He continued, “It’s all very well slashing waiting times for those who pay the 50p premium.”

“But EE’s not made it clear if that means non-priority queuers will be left hanging on for longer than usual as a consequence.”

Kerr added, “Paying extra to get bumped up the queue for customer support is slightly adding insult to injury, as most people are calling when they need help the most.”

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