Very sneaky, Dell – we could see an Android mobile launch in China within days

shhhHere’s an interesting piece that has been circulating today. Speculation is rife that technology company Dell could be launching its own smartphone in China within the next few days. Rumours about a Dell smartphone have been circulating since 2007, but in recent months the seat of the rumours has moved from America to Asia.

This latest rumour comes courtesy of Techcrunch, which traditionally has pretty reliable sources when it comes to Asia. Techcrunch admits that the info it has gotten for this is extremely bare. The phone would be an iPhone-like full touch screen device, with no physical kepyad.

Slashgear suggests that this might be a pic of the device, which was first posted on June 15th:


The general consensus is that the device will probably be powered by Android, given that Dell has been working with Google on a device OS for a few months. However, there are also reports that Dell has been working with a Chinese software company on a propietary OS.

So, like everything else about this story, it’s about as clear as mud.

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