Virgin Mobile still intent on damaging its brand

GoMo News doesn’t reckon Fourplay is such a good idea

gomo news reader sees red

Here at GoMo Towers, we’ve just received another rant from our reader who previously complained about UK MVNO – Virgin Mobile. (See our story ‘Virgin Mobile UK damaging its brand by using BPO‘.) This time he has received a very threatening letter from a company calling itself Sigma Red which appears to be the trading name for Redditch, England based company- Clanchatton Birmingham. The company says it has taken over from H L Solicitors. He’s so upset, he threatening to dump the three services he still takes from Virgin as a result. We’ve always thought that offering ‘fourplay’ services isn’t such a brilliant idea.

Our reader hasn’t been a customer of Virgin Mobile since January 2013, yet he suddenly receives a demand for £30 from Sigma on behalf of Virgin Mobile.

Now Virgin Media (the parent company) might point out that this is a Virgin Mobile problem – except from the fact that Sigma has used the name and address supplied by Virgin Media to send the threatening letter.

Our reader still pays for TV, landline and broadband from Virgin Media but if this is how he’s treated by its mobile arm, he’s seriously considering churning.

Particularly since BT is offering optical fibre broadband in the area.

He also points out that he has two fixed broadband feeds – one which acts as a backup.

With MNOs [Mobile Network Operators] like Three (3UK) offering good deals on mobile broadband, he says he can kiss goodbye to Virgin’s broadband and its telephone line by going mobile.

Wonder what Virgin will have to say about all of this?

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