Vodafone gets into Spanish fourplay

This time its is chasing Spanish cable operator – Ono


Reports emerged yesterday [February 9th 2014], that leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator] and Britain’s second largest company, Vodafone, has tabled a bid to acquire Spanish cable operator, Ono. The perceived wisdoom is, of course, that Vodafone wants the cable company so that it can provide a ‘fourplay’ offering to its Spanish customers. The four being TV, fixed line telephone, broadband and mobile. GoMo News isn’t so keen on fourplay because of the potential to lose all four services simultaneously if a customer churns. Network backbone is different, of course.

Whilst it may look good if you can offer fixed line broadband, it’s also extremely useful as an MNO if you also happen to own an optical fibre network. Like Ono’s, for example.

The best way of offering a really good 4G network as an MNO is, of course, if you can utilise plenty of optical fibre capacity for your own back bone network.

And, of course, with the Spanish economy being in something of a sorry state at present, now would be a good time to acquire Spanish assets.

Especially if you happen to be sitting on a very large warchest (think £1.3 billion) with the impending sale of Vodafone’s stake in Verizon Wireless.

Another happy co-incidence is the fact that the current Vodafone CEO, Vittorio Colao, just happens to be Italian.

So he must know a thing or two about the Italian market. Which has led to rumours that Vodafone’s next fourplay move might be in Italy, where it seems to have taken a fancy to Fastweb.

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