Vodafone launches WorldTraveller roaming for USA & India

Take your UK minutes, texts and data to India for an extra £5 a day

Good news for Vodafone UK’s contract (Pay monthly) customers who want to roam with their mobile phones outside Europe – especially in the USA & India. Leading MNO [Mobile Network Operator],  has just launched a new plan which enables those on contracts – including business travellers on certain business price plans, to take their existing UK minutes, texts and data with them whilst roaming abroad.  Vodafone WorldTraveller is available for just £5 a day (including VAT) in the Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa as well as the USA and India. The deal is positioned as an adjunct to Vodafone EuroTraveller where Vodafone contract customers can roam Europe at a special price of £2 a day.

Vodafone’s move comes at a time when the European Commission has been seriously restricting the prices with European MNOs can charge their customers.

GoMo News would argue that the move is a reaction to research which has shown that if roaming prices are too high, consumers just switch their mobile phones off or use free Wi-fi services instead.

The latter move also means that consumers switch to messaging via OTT services such as WhatsApp rather than utilising SMS (text).

Another benefit to using WorldTraveller is that by paying for the service, calls and texts received are then free.

Customers can also opt in for no extra charge and they will only pay for the days they use their mobile just by calling 5555.

It’s a clever reaction to bad press for UK MVNOs such as when Brit holidaymaker, Katie Bryan ran up a £2,609.31 roaming bill whilst staying in South Africa (see here). But then, she was using data on Orange.

Vodafone customers wanting more information on the company’s offerings whilst travelling abroad should go here.

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