Vodafone outlines its plans for 2015

The future is probably emerging markets like India

In its annual report entitled, ‘The way ahead introducing Vodafone 2015′, the leading UK based MNO [Mobile Network Operator] has outlined its vision for 2015. You can read it here. The company says that in the current tough regulatory environment - particularly in Europe and India, it is hard to grow its business. The MNO argues that regulation has lowered barriers to entry which has allowed low or no-capital operators to compete. Vodafone’s answer is an increasing focus on unified communications, and growing exposure to emerging markets.

The company says, “Our future is increasingly in emerging markets, such as India and parts of Africa, where mobile penetration is low, GDP growth is high and mobile internet usage on smartphones is beginning to take off.”

It continues, “Fundamental to the success of this strategy will be an ongoing enhancement of the consumer and enterprise customer experience through continuous investment in high speed data networks, and an increased drive towards standardisation and simplification across the Group to maximise cost efficiency and accelerate execution.”

Vodafone expects smartphone adoption to accelerate in all markets over the next three years, with mobile apps and low cost smartphone availability increasing everywhere.

With the broad deployment of high speed data networks, and the increasing deployment of TV programming, films and music streaming across all devices, Vodafone expects customers’ appetite for data on both mobile and fixed networks to increase significantly.

Vodafone adds, “Companies will increasingly look to consolidate telecoms procurement across borders and put mobility at the centre of their strategies, favouring operators who can supply seamless unified communications.”

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