Vodafone UK mobile broadband vs 3 UK mobile broadband

Vodafone UK Mobile Broadband vs 3 UK Mobile Broadband.

What we purchased

Vodafone 3 UK

Pay as You Go Broadband

Contract low use
GBP 39 plus GBP 15 traffic included GBP 5 per month

Marks out of ten

Service Vodafone 3 UK
Purchase experience 7/10

I asked the sales lady to show me a map of coverage. She did and said that I was very close to a “yellow” zone which meant really bad coverage. I asked her advice should I buy or not? She said, “buy, as Vodafone had the best coverage in the UK and it should work.


I was bundled a GBP 5 mobile broadband deal with my contract renewal. I still have no idea how much data transfer I have or anything but it was cheap and the sales man focused on the “cheapness” of the offer saying it was the best in the UK.

Setting up 8/10

The dongle is plug and play. The only thing I don’t like is that the Vodafone experience is now in German which is very frustrating. It automatically set up in German as the PC was originally purchased there.


This was extremely simple.

User Interface 10/10

Vodafone has gone the extra mile here. The interface is clean fresh with a load of additional information such as your phone number and how to top-up all on one screen. The way it moves from GPRS to 3G and 3G + is also clear.

Picture to follow


3’s user interface looks like it was made and designed in outer Mongolia. It reminds me of the old DOS platform and is ugly and if there is no network it just doesn’t work. There is no clean interface or any other information including what your phone number is. Picture to follow

Going online 8/10

3G+ only works if I stand next to the window. In the house it is GPRS which is horrendously slow. But at the window 3G + provides a good fast surfing experience.


For the past 5 days I have been online for longer than 5 minutes only once. That was at 11.30 at night. During the day the connection lasts 30 seconds and then collapses. At the window I sometimes find HSDPA – but even that can be lost if I move slightly or have a sip of tea.

Overall Experience 8/10

If you don’t mind being perched at the window this is a great pay as you go email checker service for use on the fly.


The service doesn’t work. You get what you pay for.

Pictures to follow as I am currently using my Vodafone broadband on GPRS driving up the M1 at 70 miles an hour so the images are just not rendering.

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3 Responses to Vodafone UK mobile broadband vs 3 UK mobile broadband

  1. Paul says:

    Get a USB extension cable and then you can leave the dongle by the window and sit elsewhere.

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  3. Mark says:

    No surprises at all that 3 perform so badly. This is a company with a very arrogant and over-inflated opinion of itself, but at the same time is by far the most heavily criticised mobile broadband network in the UK – see online customer reviews for proof of this. Service is abysmal for many customers, customer services are horrendous to deal with, as demonstrated in a Which? Magazine reader survey in December 2010 – 3 ranked bottom of all UK networks. Chronic oversubscription is evident here too. 3 don’t do honest explanations and apologies either. “You get what you pay for” is being kind to 3. I fully expect the upcoming free wi-fi service from 02 to outperform this. All these problems have been evident from the inception of this service in 2008 and have never been addressed. This is a truly awful service from a truly awful company. Stay well away from 3!

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