Vodafone’s 360 showcase handset teaser

Rating: Forgets to mention it’s the first Limo R2 phone

As Press preview announcements – such as the one for Motorola’s Android phone – are now making news, how about Vodafone’s attempt to lure hacks to view the Samsung H1? The H1 will showcase Vodafone’s new 360 Internet services for both mobile and PC environments.

Two days before the official 30th October launch, a select bunch of Brit hacks will get their chance to enjoy the 360 experience.

Given that the operator describes 360 as gathering, “All of a customer’s friends, social networks and online communities, entertainment and favourites like music in one place”,  the list of showcased apps is no surprise.

Hacks will be able to see Facebook, Windows Live Messenger plus Google Talk and possibly Twitter too,  all on the one handset.

Hopefully it will also be possible to see how 360 users can back up their handset’s data over the network. Obviously this is aimed at preserving the addressbook, photos and videos.

But when Vodafone says “all the phone’s content” will be backed up, does this mean music and purchased applications as well? It should do.

While the network operator is proud to trumpet the fact that the H1 is “purpose-built”  for 360 by Samsung,  strangely there’s no mention of what OS the H1 is running. That would be handy to know if you want to get third parties to write apps for it.

Which is curious really given that the H1 is currently being showcased by the Limo Foundation as the first R2 handset (release two).

“Key technologies supported by the R2 platform include location based services, multimedia, personal information management and advanced security applications,” Limo says.

The online blurb does say that it will be possible to purchase apps from ‘Shop‘  – Vodafone’s answer to the App Store.  We’ll have to wait until the 28th to find out what these apps are,  then.

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