VoX Mobile adds PayPal Mobile Wallet to Android app

Rating: Invest as little as $1 to make international calls

VoIP apps seem all the rage these days and VoX Mobile’s VoIP calling application is no exception. GoMobile News has covered this product previously (see our report here.) Now reseller, Techwave Marketing has contacted us again to promote the fact that the Vox mobile app has been updated to include support for the PayPal Mobile Wallet. So this facility has become available to PayPal’s over one hundred million users. GoMobile News isn’t a big fan of PayPal but some people obviously don’t share our concerns.

So what is Paypal Mobile Wallet support useful? Well, there’s the subscription-free VoX plan called ‘Pay and Go’.

This can be topped up with amounts as low as one [US] dollar from a PayPal account.

Techwave points out that the Pay and Go plan enables users to call anywhere in the world, without paying a recurring monthly fee or connection fee.

The company adds that the plan includes a second phone number, voice mail service and some of the most cost competitive international calling rates in the world.

Now, Any Android handset owners who feel this change will benefit them can download the Vox app from Google Play from here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.voxcorp

Just to entice such people to utilise the service, Techwave even provides a promotional code. Just type in the promotional code ‘TWPAYGO’ to reap the benefits.

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  1. Techwave says:

    VoX Mobile VoIP App now available in Amazon App Store for all Kindle Fire Devices. Adds FREE Video Calling & Users Get a FREE 60 Minutes to Call 60 Countries (Select FREE 60/60 Plan) Use Promo code: TWPAYGO

    More info in PR on newswire

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