W7 Mango owners told to wait for Windows Phone 7.8

Rating: Availability of Nokia Lumia 920 clear as mud

Well, yesterday [October 29th 2012] Microsoft finally introduced the long-awaited Windows Phone 8 (WP8) – a mere three days after the official launch of Windows 8 itself. However, it has left existing Windows Phone 7.5 (W7 Mango) owners hanging – having previously admitted that such smartphones won’t be upgradeable to WP8. Instead, we’re being told that, “WP7.8 will be announced soon. Hang in there,” by Nokia News on Google Plus of all mediums. Another source claimed to have got a similar reply from Microsoft itself. The availability of Nokia flagship WP8 phone – the Lumia 920 is also clear as mud.Having seen the 920 in action on EE’s live 4GEE 4G LTE network on London’s Oxford Street (see previous story here), staff didn’t seem to know when the handset could be sold.

We then got an official answer from EE itself that the phone should go on sale from November 9th [2012].

However, EE’s official High Street partner – Phones 4 U merely announced it would offer the smartphone “from early November [2012].”

Which is a bit strange because Nokia itself announced yesterday [October 29th 2012] that, “Both phones [920 + 820] will appear in stores in France and the UK this week.” So that’s November 3rd [2012] at the latest, then.

Incidentally, EE asked us yesterday not to publish its tariffs for the Lumia 920 but Phones4U has revealed that in the UK it will be offering it for £19.99 RRP (recommended retail price) and on contract from £46 a month (on the EE 4GEE network).

Finally, GoMobile News has checked for updates with our own trusty Nokia Lumia 800 and there’s definitely no sign of 7.8.

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