We love Monaco F1 – not sure about official app

Late Jack Brabham did win 1959 Monaco Formula One race once tho’

snazzy look - but little viewable info

Here at GoMo Towers we really love the Monaco Grand Prix which is the next race on this year’s 2014 F1 [Formula One] calendar this weekend [May 24th]. We’re not so sure that we love the new ‘Official F1‘ app [for Android], though. The new design is snazzy but it’s far more difficult to find your way around that the previous year’s F1 Timing 2013 app created by Softpauer. Meanwhile, it’s a good time to remember the late Jack Braham who died at the age of 88 this week. He did actually win the Monaco race once – back in 1959.

What we particularly dislike about the ‘official’ app is that it takes ages to actual provide the actual results when the race has finished.

Coming directly from Formula 1 Management, you’d expect this app to be the first with the news but you’re better off going to a sports news site.

The feature which really angers GoMo News is the  News & Media section.

It’s been designed to look pretty – with lost of colourful photos. So it takes ages to scroll through to find the item you might want to read.

By a stroke of luck, last year’s Timing app still runs the official F1 news feed. And it’s text based. So you can shoot through that quickly.

About the only real benefit we’ve seen here at GoMo Towers is the small TV icon which gets displayed if you scroll down from the official app’s home page.

The icon looks like a box with two prongs sticking out of it and in our case, shows when compulsory British TV company – the BBC is deigning to show its coverage.

Back to Jack Brabham who was actually Australian but resident in the UK for most of his live.

Indeed there’s still a Jack Brabham Ltd selling used cars based up the road from GoMo Towers in Stoneleigh, Surrey.

Brabham is still the only F1 race driver ever to win a race in a car bearing his own name.

We came across a short YouTube video – which comes from British Pathé News showing Brabham winning in Monaco.

You can download it and view it on your smartphone from here.

Download the Official F1 app for Android

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