We still think that Verizon might sponsor the Haas F1 team

Haas tells Forbes he wants his F1 team to be a national flagship

image courtesy of Vodafone/Mclaren

maybe the verizon logo on a haas instead of mclaren?

In an interview which NASCAR team owner Gene Haas has just given to Forbes magazine, GoMo News still detects hints that his team might be able to land sponsorship from leading US-based mobile network operator [MNO], Verizon Wireless. The US multi-millionaire revealed the plan was for the new F1 team to have aerodynamics operations in Kannapolis, North Carolina. However, he claimed that the team would actually have a European based headquarters – almost certainly in England. Sadly, Haas ruled out entering Formula One with a team in 2015 but affirmed he remains committed to being on the grid in 2016.

There are numerous advantages to an English HQ because the team would be close to Formula One rivals.

Which is, of course, ideal for poaching staff but also given that’s it close to where the engines are made, it is also handy for access to specialist suppliers.

Haas was speaking ahead of this weekend’s [May 6th-8th 2014] Canadian Grand Prix which in Montreal, Canada.

This sis the part of the Forbes article which raised our suspicions …

“Locating the team in the United States is a bold move as it has only been done a handful of times in F1″

However the risk comes with the potential for rich rewards as it would give the team a unique selling point and make it a national flagship.” [Our italics].

Now if you’re going to grab some sponsorship from Verizon (and we outlines our reasons for thinking this in ‘Maybe Verizon will sponsor the Gene Haas F1 team‘, it would be ideal to paint yourself as a ‘national flagship’.

The last F1 team to compete in Formula One and based in the USA was Haas Lola in 1986.

Carl Haas, the co-founder with Lola is not related to Gene Haas.

We checked out the list of sponsors on the incredibly slow stewart Haas racing team web site here and can spot on obvious rival to Verizon.

There is, of course, a precedent. Force India is very definitely a ‘national champion’ for India.

And guess who sponsors Force India? Step forward Claro which is the fourth largest telecoms company in the world and very definitely a rival to Verizon.

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