Web site discovers UK babies now using mobiles

Rating: 1 in 7 parents say baby using phone or tablet for 4+ hours

New evidence suggests that parents are pushing smart devices onto their babies despite concerns over the potential consequences.
Users of this baby site have responded to a poll on how much they allow their babies to play with their smartphone or tablet device. More than half of parents admitted that they allow their baby to play with their phone or tablet device and one in seven parents confessed to doing so for more than four hours every day.

“Given that babies between 3-12 months are awake for only around ten  hours per day this is a huge proportion of their waking day’ said James Macfarlane,  md with Babies.co.uk .

“Although 81 per cent of our users felt that children today spend too much time on smart devices, it hasn’t put most of them off using them to entertain their baby,” James. added.

Experts are recommending caution where these devices might be substituting play that could be more beneficial for a baby’s development.

They could be exploring their surroundings, interacting with their parents or learning to move.

“Each minute spent in front of a screen-based device is a minute when your child is not exploring the world and using their senses, which is extremely important in their development process,” says Dr Carolyn Jaynes, a learning designer for Leapfrog Enterprises.

Significantly, whilst 50 per cent of people felt than it could be educational, 69 per cent of those questioned felt that too much play on a tablet or smartphone would, or might, disconnect their baby’s relationship with them.

More information including all the poll data can be found here.

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