Webinar: – Achieving your app marketing goals

January 14, 2014
12:00 pmto2:00 pm

jim thomas fiksu

Hosted by Fiksu
Date: Tuesday January 14th 2014
Time: 12 pm EST
Presented by: JimThomas, Fiksu product marketing manager

You can register here.

If you want to learn how Fiksu can help you solve the most common app marketing challenges, join this webinar for a tour of the Fiksu programmatic mobile app marketing platform.

In this presentation, Fiksu will review the most common goals of app marketers and demonstrate which Fiksu products can best help you achieve them, supported by real-world results and case studies: -

  • Test and evaluate the best way to market your app
  • Grow a long-term, profitable user base
  • Maximize visibility in the app stores via low cost user acquisition
  • Retain and engage your existing users
  • Get your desktop users to adopt your mobile apps

This session will also cover key Fiksu technologies for programmatic buying, integrating across all media sources, measuring performance, and providing full accountability and reporting for media spending.

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