Weekend QR code roundup – Epsom Scouts; Eddison White & Earth Hair

Rating: Hairdresser’s site head & shoulders above opposition

Notice embedded Scout emblem

It’s been a while since GoMobile News provided an insight into the current state of play concerning how well QR codes in the UK are being used in the wild for marketing, publicity and promotion purposes. This week’s QR codes which GoMobile News spotted include a (Boy) Scout troop from Epsom; an estate agent from North Surrey and a hairdressing saloon in Central London. The common factor here was that all three made it very easy for anyone with a smartphone and a barcode reading app to scan in the actual QR code. The results – once you connect – varied enormously.Although they came third, the use of a barcode by Epsom Scouts was very definitely commendable.

We were particularly impressed that the Scouts’ symbol was embedded in the centre of the QR code.

The purpose of the QR code was to promote an Epsom Fireworks Display and Fun Fair, which it did well.

The only problem was that while the web site was well designed, there was no mobile version for the QR code to link to.

GoMobile News also thinks the Scouts missed a trick by failing to install any method of paying for tickets digitally mobile or otherwise.

Instead, the site provided a list of shops and other venues where those wishing to attend could obtain tickets.

Good effort, though.

Next up is the estate agents (realty company) Eddison White. We were really impressed with the size of the QR code which was painted onto the side of a company vehicle (car).

Given that the QR code was so easy to scan in, the next thing to praise was the fact that the code did, indeed, take the ‘scanner’ to a highly mobile-friendly web site.

In fact, the site informed us that we could look at the full (HTML) version should we so wish.

What intrigued us about this web site is whether or not it is truly location aware.

It certainly seemed to know where the handset was located but then it could have been clever guesswork.

Normally speaking, Eddison White would have won but sadly on this occasion is was up against a site belonging to Earth Hair Dessing.

This site just oozed professionalism. Like the other two entrants, Hair displays a very prominent and large QR code on a billboard outside its Central London premises.

When you scan this in, you’re taken to a mobile-friendly site designed for the company by gappt. This site has all the hallmarks of being a showcase site.

It made good use of icons and photos and every single option had a clear purpose. Including one for special offers, for example.

The sophistication was exemplified by the fact that the app knew that we were browsing the site out of hours and therefore offered the choice of a returned (voice) call or text (SMS) message to any enquiry we might have had.

If you want a mobile aware site, GoMobile News would have no hesitation in recommending gappt.

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