Weekend QR code roundup: Even more sexist promotion from Eurolines

Rating: This time it is on a bar mat

There’s a common theme running through GoMobile News‘ coverage of QR code based campaigns and that is the best examples of such promotions almost always can be found in pubs. So step forward the Ship in New Cavendish Stree in London’s W1 district where we discovered the world’s most sexist bar mat. Once again it is part of bus company, Eurolines’, ‘See What You’re Missing in Europe’ campaign. Previously Eurolines was behind this story ‘GoMo uncovers world’s first sexist QR campaign‘.This time the QR code isn’t even remotely suggestive or subtle, it is simply covering a young female dancer’s nether regions. Ho-hum.

GoMoBile News couldn’t even be bothered to speak to the agency behind this promotion because it is exactly the same one as before (Walker Agency) and they didn’t respond to our request for comment last time.

If you scan the QR code in (which is actually in red) then it will take you to the Eurolines’ web site here. Luckly it is mobile friendly.

At least this time there is some relevance between the model’s attire – she is dressed as a dancer from the Folies Bergere and one of the offers is a cheap trip to Paris.

The campaign is very obviously aimed at young men as web page once again tells off the ‘code scanner’ for being a Dirty Boy.

We’re not quite sure how the Walker Agency is going to be able to top this current effort. The mind boggles.

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