We’re not giving up on handsets, insists BlackBerry’s CEO

But customers will insist on buying old BB7 devices

chen- narrowed the losses

[/captionBlackBerry's CEO, John Chen, has again insisted that the ailing Toronto manufacturer is not abandoning the handset business, despite the fact that the bulk customers appear to be shunning the latest BB10 models. Reporting its fiscal fourth quarter, BlackBerry revealed end users purchased 3.4 million smartphones during the three months, but admitted the majority of these were handsets that had already been sold to telecom operators and other "channel partners". It acknowledged a truer sale of just 1.3 million handsets during the period, lower than Wall Street forecasts of 1.8 million.

Perhaps more worrying for BlackBerry was the reaction of the man in the street to the firm's latest smartphones. Figures for the quarter revealed that out of all handsets sold, the majority - about 2.3 million - were for those running the BlackBerry 7 OS as customers continued to shun BB10.

Meanwhile, Chen claimed his turnaround plans for the manufacturer were on track as the company reported that its fiscal fourth-quarter loss had narrowed to $423 million.

It brought the company’s full year loss to $5.9 billion.

As part of his turnround strategy, Mr Chen has forged a handset manufacturing partnership with Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology group with the first handset, dubbed 'Jakarta' [probably the Z3], to go on sale in Indonesia within the next month or two.

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