Why has Alt + F stopped working with latest BB OS

Rating: Tech support sends you round in circles

Given that at one point in time RIM/BlackBerry touted its built in ‘shortcuts’ as keyboard alternatives, GoMo News is shocked by the disappearance of Alt + F. In the good old days that shortcut would let you view all of the messages you’d flagged up. For later viewing, for example. Well, we are using version 7 of the BlackBerry OS and it is very definitely gone missing. It’s hard to paint a BlackBerry as the ideal solution for email on the go when existing users get left out.

As mentioned above, one of the easiest ways to manage your messages on a BlackBerry used to be flagging (marking specifically) messages up for later attention.

Then all you had to do is hold own the ALT and F keys simultaneously and the BlackBerry would display those emails you’d marked up.

Well it doesn’t work now and ,it seems, hasn’t done so for some time now.

Take a look at this message on the CrackBerry forum and you’ll see the problem has existed for at least two years.

Nobody has supplied the solution and the reason is rather obvious. If you look at the official BlackBerry support pages, like this one it seems the problem first started with the upgrade to BlackBerry OS version 6.

Well, GoMo News recently switched to an entirely new BlackBerry model (a 9320) and it is running version 7.1 of the OS.

We assumed that the solution was to merely reconfigure those smartkeys ourselves.

Except that there has to be an exact command for you create such a shortcut. Unbelievably, there isn’t one for ‘show all flagged emails.

Not that we could find, anyway. So we had to come up with our own very roundabout solution.

From within the’Messages’ section, press the ‘menu’ button. Then scroll to ‘search by’. Then ‘advanced’.

Scroll right down to the bottom of the Advanced Search screen and you should see one option marked ‘type’ and the default is ‘all’.

Change that to ‘Email with Flags’. Then scroll down and press the ‘search’ button.

Voila the flagged email are listed. It should be this difficult and BlackBerry’s team should have spotted such an obvious omission.

On top of this, when we flag up messages, they don’t show up as flagged in our Outlook mailbox. But then we are using Outlook 2003 so we shouldn’t complain!!!

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  1. Dennis Lancaster says:

    Excellent suggestion. Saved me a lot of time coming off vacation

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